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TROLL® 9500 MP

Multiparameter Instrument

The TROLL 9500 is a portable unit that houses up to 9 water quality sensors, internal power and op-  tional data logging capabilities. You can select the sensors you use the most.

  • Rugged Dissolved Oxygen (RDO) Sensor
  • Clark cell DO sensor
  • Conductivity in both low and high ranges
  • Ion-selective electrodes — Ammonia, chloride and nitrate
  • pH
  • pH/ORP
  • Pressure
  • Turbidity, with or without a wiper
  • Each instrument comes standard with barometric pressure and temperature sensors.

This device can be used in groundwater and surface-water and is applicable for environmental monitoring, long-term deployments, low-flow sampling, remediation projects, TMDL assessments and vertical profiling.

For the low-flow application the system is combined with either a sub-2 inch or a sub-4 inch flow cell depending on the chosen sensors.
To guarantee a long life of the probe and allways reliable measurements only high quality materials are used. With all sensors attached the probe is dust proof and water proof even for permanent submergence (Degree of protection IP68). The battery pack is dust proof and water proof for temporary submergence (Degree of protection IP67).
For ideal adjustment to your measurement aim the logging mode can be set to either linear, linear average or event.



  • Low total cost
  • Field-ready design
  • Up to 9 parameters in one measurement




Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Operating temperature:-5 to 50 °C (23 to 122 °F)
Dimensions:4.7 (OD) x 55.25 cm  
56.52 cm (with-twist lock hanger)
Weight:1900 g
Material:PVC, stainless steel, titanium, Acetal, Viton®, nylon
Cable: Tefzel® or PU
Output options:RS 485 / RS 232; SDI-12; ASCII
Power: 2 user-replaceable D-batteries or 9 - 16 VDC external line power / solar panel



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