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Bottle magazine for suction probe system

The bottle magazines for suction probe systems facilitate easy handling and safe storage of several sampling vessels, even underfloor. The soil solution is filled separately into a Duranglas bottle for each suction cup or suction cup level.


Storage with shut-off valve

This favorable variant of the bottle magazines ensures a constant sample quantity in the bottles and protects the vacuum system from flooding. All bottles can be switched optionally via a valved manifold. The plastic container can be installed underneath and can hold up to 6 bottles of 500 ml.


  • inexpensive
  • compact storage of sampling vessels at the measuring station
  • protection of sampling vessels and of the suction probe system


Storage with electronic valve control

With this magazine the filling of the soil solution can be controlled by time and quantity. Tipping counter, valves, and up to 8 Duranglas collection bottles à 1000 ml are housed in a sturdy aluminum frame box. Their insulation ensures that the samples are stored under the most natural temperature conditions possible.


  • Time and quantity-controlled sampling
  • sturdy, insulated aluminum box
  • large collection volume




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Art.-Nr.:  127100 

with water stop valve

Art.-Nr.:  127200 with electronic valve control




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