Our team of scientists and technicians provide training and induction for practical use under field and laboratory conditions for all products of UGT GmbH.

Training events range from service, calibration and measurement instruction through to plausibility checks and the interpretation of the data records obtained.

Thanks to our cooperation partners, we are able to offer this training also internationally - in Brazil, Australia, China and Russia, for example.

Specialised papers on new measurement methods and instrument developments are given in national and international workshops as well as ideas and experience exchanged.

Planning and Installation

We offer scientifically based project advice for the erection of measurement stations and lysimeter installations. UGT GmbH is happy to assume the conception and design of the measurement project equipment, construction realisation, installation and test run as well as instruction or maintenance or to support you according to your requirements.

Lysimeter experiments

In our own lysimeter sta- tion, which essentially serves to verify new mea- surement methods and components, we offer the possibility of conducting special lysimeter experi- ments for you.
Test runs with different objectives can be  made simultaneously on four Lysimeters with a cross-section area of 1.0 m² and a height of 2.0 m. Due to the direct proximity to the lysimeter, our employees are in an ideal position to accompany the project.
We can conduct data collec- tion and the complete ana- lysis of the experiment for you or together with you.

Lysimeter retrieval

After completion of the lysimeter experiments we are happy to retrieve the lysimeters for you. Using a special lysimeter retrieval technique, the soil monolith is cut into different thicknesses whilst maintaining the full cross sectional area. The use of high speed diamond cable sawing technology enables the original structure of the monoliths to be essentially maintained. Additional tests on soil development in the lysimeters as well as chemical and biological analyses of the soil cores are facilitated here. After securing these additional results, the lysimeter vessels are available for the production of new soil monoliths. The PE-HD container lysimeter stations we offer can also be used again after retrieval. They may be repositioned as required and equipped with new lysimeter vessels.

Data acquisition and analysis

In addition to planning your test setups we can also assist you in analysing the data acquired.
With the assistance of remote data transmission we will prepare your data, compile them in diagrams or tables and will produce a comprehensive analysis.
For large installations we offer the preparation and establishment of data base systems as you require.

Maintenance and Service

We offer maintenance and service for the test setups and instruments installed by us as well as inspections to guarantee long term perfect function.
During this work, readjustments and calibration work is performed as well as function checks and in particular estimates made for the normal useful life of field installation.
We are able to guarantee an optimum service due to our knowledge of the installations and our many years of experience with the measurement equipment. We offer plant specific maintenance contracts for monitoring stations.

Warranty and Repair

The statutory warranty applies to all UGT products and the commercial products we sell. Our production offers you  a high quality standard. If a product is nevertheless defective, UGT GmbH will take care of the repair or will provide you with a new product. Our skilled staff will be happy to repair the measurement equipment also outside the warranty period.

Project Support

We can support you in your project in the development of measurement equipment and procedures or in the design of new measure- ment stations or networks. From development through production to installation and test run, UGT GmbH offers the support of the individual steps and of the entire project with its combined know-how and innovation.

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