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1992 - Company Creation

On 2 May 1992, "Umwelt-Geräte-Technik GmbH" (UGT) took up its operation as a spin-off from ZALF e.V. The company founders Mafred Seyfarth (left) and Bernd Fürst (right) and employees of Umwelt-Geräte-Technik GmbH have worked for many years in different areas of the “Forschungszentrum für Bodenfruchtbarkeit” Müncheberg on a scientific and technical level.

Carried by the expertise of the shareholders, an interdisciplinary high-performance team of scientists, engineers and technicians is now available. Our employees have worked for many years in a scientifically in the areas of hydrology, soil physics, geoecology and geography, biology and the construction of scientific apparatus and equipment.

Solid expertise, coupled with extensive experimental experience in field and laboratory, form the basis for developing and producing environmental instrument technology with high innovative character, high quality and highly usable products.

1999 - Construction of a Production Plant

The production facility erected by the company in 1999 provides ultra-modern development workplaces for applied microelectronics and fine mechanics and a very well equipped production location with modern machine park and production technologies.

With this UGT is able to satisfy the requirements for a rational series production and customized equipment construction.

2001 - Indoor Expansion

The hall extension realized in 2001, provides additional production space for the production and assembly of large volume lysimeter container stations and for apparatus building, to satisfy the growing demand for these test equipment set-ups.

2004 - Soil laboratory

In 2004, a well-equipped soil testing laboratory was inaugurated and an ongoing ground water observation point got set up.

These facilities are used to conduct project work and to verify measurement methods and environmental measurement points for the company‘s own development and production.

2008 - Establish of the Branch South

On September 15th, 2008 the UGT GmbH south branch was founded in the Munich conurbation and premises rented in the “innovation and founder center” of Freising-Weihenstephan.

In addition to office space, the exhibition and conference areas enable UGT GmbH to show its complete performance range.

2010 - Establish of the service center France

On 2 January 2010 the service center UGT GmbH - France, was opened in Homècourt (Lothringen) which is located on the grounds of the Industrial Association GISFI.

These grounds are at the same time a test location to conduct soil re-cultivation processes of a former site of the steel and coal industry. The basis for the tests is provided by a technically well equipped large-scale lysimeter installation which was erected by UGT GmbH in France.

2016 - Hall extension 2

UGT is committed to the long tradition of the research location Müncheberg and as an employer UGT serves to the people of our region. With the success on the national and international market there we secure and create new jobs. With the doubling of the production area in 2016 we achieved better working conditions and can manufacture large PE-HD lysimeter stations in-house. We dispose of specially equipped rooms for producing micro-electronics and micro-system technology. With the new production hall with a total area of 900m², UGT has  in 2017 a productive area of 1800m². The course for the future of the company has been set, the team works continuously with the view to the future.



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