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UGT GmbH's Quality Policy

On the national and international technology markets of environmental technology, UGT GmbH performs as a sovereign and independent actor.


Our company acts upon the following criteria:

1. We are a customer centered organisation

Satisfying our customers is the basis of all our business ventures.

2. Goal oriented management is the bedrock of sustainable business success.

To our company's management, quality equals perpetual improvement of our performance, satisfying our customers, designing the future together with all our employees in a trustful environment as well as effectively managing finances in tense markets.

3. We involve all employees.

Our employees are actively involved in the daily business routines. Their ideas, hints and suggestions are are stimuli for specific developments.

4. We control our processes.

All business routines are managed to fully satisfy our customers and to design the best product possible. We strive to reproduce the high standards of our products. Our production and process officers ensure the accomplishment of our planned results.

5. Our system of management has an integrative drive.

We are aware of processes and their reciprocity and coordinate them effectively to achieve our business aims.

6. Persistant improvement determines our development.

Optimisation processes are continuously framed and designed. Our management personally supports their implementation and sets priorities.

7. Decisions are based on key experiences.

Our constant work with key performance indicators in all business ventures ensures profound leadership and decision processes, based on analyses and comparison of trends.

8. Excellent relationships to our suppliers and partners are near and dear to us.

A strategic and success oriented cooperation with our suppliers and partners ensures our high reproducable product quality.


We accomplish this high standard of quality through:

  • our high sensitivity for customer expectations and the market's requirements
  • consistent maintenance of strategic partnerships (networking)
  • a well balanced and productive ration between research and development, production and services
  • an intensive and structured internal and external communication as well as interdisciplinary team work
  • independent pursuit of our quality aims in all areas

The precise definition of quality aims for our products and services are essential for the success of our company.

Hence, we determine and implement our quality aims annually. Our company remains competitive through our customers and their expectations. Thus, our customers are at the heart of our work.



In 2017, training courses were conducted in the company funded by the European Union.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Women's Affairs from funds of the European Social Fund and the Land of Brandenburg.



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