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Protective cap to prevent drying and mechanical damage of the tensiometer ceramic. For secure and easy transport and storage of the tensiometer.

Suitable for Tensio 100 / Tensio 150  / Tensio 160

The protective cap made of plastic is placed over the ceramic of the tensiometer and sealed with a screw seal against the stainless steel standpipe of the tensiometer. Thus the protective cover is fixed in its position and can not slip off.

Inside the protective cover is a sponge. In combination with the screw seal the ceramic can thus be kept moist even over long periods, regardless of the transport or storage position.

The protective cap is especially recommended for prolonged storage of the tensiometers, for shipping/delivering the tensiometers and for transporting the tensiometer to and from the test site. If the tensiometer is not filled in the field, it would dry out again already during transport to the measurement site, if not kept appropriately moist.

For Tensio 100 tensiometers in a set with a protective tube no additional protective caps are required. However, they may provide an alternative to the larger protective tubes. For example, when using multiple Tensio 100 tensiometers or for storage.





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