Schutzkappe für Tensio 120/151


The safety cap protects the ceramic of the tensiometer from drying up and prevents mechanical damage. It is meant for the safe and simple transport and storage of the tensiometer.

This protective cap is suitable for Tensio 100, Tensio 150 and Tensio 160.

It is made of PVC and is to be slid on the ceramic of the tensiometer. It is fixed with a screw seal to the standpipe of the tensiometer. Thus, the protective cap rests immobile in its position and cannot slide off. Within the protective cap there is a sponge, which in combination with the screw seal keeps the ceramic moist, independent of the transport or storage position.

We especially recommend the protective cap during the carriage of the tensiometer to and from the meassuring site, for shipping, as well as for long term storage. If the tensiometer is not filled in the field but in the laboratory, it will begin drying up during transport, if it is not kept moist.






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