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What do I need for data logging?

Systems for collection and analysis of data can vary widely depending on the planned project scope, the layout of the measuring station and local conditions. From basic counting modules, which are read manually up to large networks and everything in between.

The UGT GmbH therefore does not rely on standard solutions, to which the test site needs to be adjusted, but creates a solution for data acquisition adjusted to the test site. For this, there are some basic questions that are crucial for the layout of the system.


  • Mobile or stationary application? Portable data loggers offer a good solution for short-term measurements.
  • Indoor or outdoor use? For data loggerd in outdoor use, being permanently exposed to weather conditions or data loggers being used under very moist conditions we use special waterproof and weatherproof casings.
  • Which/How many sensors should be connected? The UGT- data logger solutions are compatible with all commercially available sensors. They provide analog, digital, event and counting inputs. Depending on the intended sensor number, the number of inputs can be adjusted. When planning a system it should be known, which sensors are to be connected. This way the loggers can be planned efficiently.
  • Which power supply? All stationary data logger can be powered via either a cable for connection to the local electricity network, an exchangeable rechargeable battery, or a battery supported solar power system.
  • Remote data transmission? With remote data transmission solutions, it is possible to access the data logger without being on site. The data can be read out automatically and stored independently from the logger. Remote data transmission is particularly worthwhile for remote or difficult to access measurement sites, or if the data must be currently available at any time, such as for supervision purposes. Remote data transmission solutions also allow alarm notifications that warn in case of a specific event.
  • Database system / Data management? Especially with high sensor numbers and high temporal resolution large amounts of data accumulate on a data logger, for which it can be easy to lose track. Database systems help automatically processing and clearly displaying the data, including graphical display. If several supervisors work at the same station database systems allow for auniform work practice and high communication between partners, as always every partner accesses the same state of the data.


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