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Power supply

UGT offers three versions for the power supply of data loggers and measurement instruments:

mains power supply, battery operation or solar energy systems.

If connection to the local power network is guaranteed, all loggers and measurement instruments can be supplied by the mains. In order to guarantee interruptionfree power supply, this is backed up by a storage battery.

A favourably priced and economical solution for a mains-independent operation is provided by a replaceable storage battery supply. Depending on energy requirements 12 V storage batteries from 6.5 Ah to 41 Ah are available. 2 storage batteries and 1 charger are always supplied in a set which
can be charged alternately. Additional storage batteries can be subsequently purchased.


A replaceable storage battery supply set consists of:

  • 2 x storage batteries
  • 1 charger


  • 1 housing with mast holder to accommodate the storage battery


Our solar energy systems provide the possibility to operate measurement points completely autonomously. This solution may represent enormous work savings, particularly for distant measurement points. The type of solar panel is planned depending on the application.  As required the solar energy system can be supplied with a 2 m high installation mast.


A solar system consists of:

  • 1 panel
  • 1 storage battery
  • 1 charge controller
  • 1 housing for storage battery
  • Fittings for mast assembly Ø 40 mm


  • 1 installation mast Ø 40 mm Length 2 m with tensioning


Application exampleRemote data transfer with modem
2.5 W12 V16 AhData acquisition of digital input signalsOnce a week
10 W 12 V25 AhWeather stationOnce every day
20 W12 V70 AhSmall soil hydrological measurement pointsOnce every day
60 W12 V105 AhLarge soil hydrological measurement pointsConstant modem readiness


Technical Specifications


The following storage battery types are available:

  • 12 V 6.5 Ah
  • 12 V 10 Ah
  • 12 V 16 Ah
  • 12 V 25 Ah
  • 12 V 41 Ah



Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  248028   Mains power supply with storage battery
Art.-Nr.:  248003Replaceable storage battery supply 12 V / 6.5 Ah
Art.-Nr.:  248004Replaceable storage battery supply 12 V / 10 Ah
Art.-Nr.:  248005Replaceable storage battery supply 12 V / 16 Ah
Art.-Nr.:  248006Replaceable storage battery supply 12 V / 25 Ah
Art.-Nr.:  248007Replaceable storage battery supply 12 V / 41 Ah
Art.-Nr.:  220010Solar energy system 2.5 W
Art.-Nr.:  220014Solar energy system 10 W
Art.-Nr.:  221300Solar energy system 20 W
Art.-Nr.:  221400Solar energy system 50 W
Art.-Nr.:  221500Solar energy system 80 W



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Storage battery

12 V; 6.5 Ah

Storage battery12 V; 10 Ah
Storage battery12 V; 16 Ah
Storage battery12 V; 25 Ah
Storage battery12 V; 41 Ah
Storage battery12 V; 70 Ah
Storage battery12 V; 105 Ah
Installation mast

1.5 m
• Data logger with replaceable storage battery supply

Installation mast with tensioning2 m
• Data logger with solar energy system


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