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Deposition sampler

The deposition sampler is used to record precipitation to analyse the precipitation composition in the laboratory. Collecting tank and collection volume are connected to each other by screw connection. A protective filter that is overlaid with glass beads is integrated in the screw connection. This filter system prevents the entry of coarse dirt and at the same time avoids condensation from the collector volume in order to maintain the concentration of the substances dissolved in the water. It is made of PE-HD. The aperture is restricted by an acrylic glass ring to guarantee the collecting surface of 100 cm². By way of standard the deposition is recorded 1 m above the surface of the soil in a PVC pipe (Ø 130 mm) that has a ring attached to its free end to prevent birds settling on it. However the tiered installation of the deposition sampler is possible on customer request.



  • Keeps substance concentration in the sample



Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Collecting surface:100 cm²
Collection volume:2 L
Material:Aluminium, riveted



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