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Stemflow meter

The stemflow can make up a considerable part of the entire water flow below the forest canopy. Using the stemflow meter it is possible to establish the water caused by this and the minerals entering the system.
Depending on the shape of the tree growth, an elastomer collar is placed round the trunk at a height of 0.8 to 1.2 m above the ground and sealed against the trunk using artificial bark. The collar captures the water running off and channels it into a collecting vessel. A tipping counter with electronic counter and LCD display connected between the two directly determines the flow volume. If necessary the tipping counter can also be connected to a UGT data logger. Collecting vessel, tipping counter and counter unit are installed in a weatherproof housing next to the tree.



  • Qualitative and quantitative monitoring of the stemflow
  • Autonomous system




Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Collecting volume:0,25 … 5 l
Tipping counter resolution:4 ml
Application range:0 … 200 ml/min



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