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Measure the Whole Range!

Forest climate measurement station

This climate station has been specially designed to measure the climatic parameters influenced by vegetation. An adjustable mast enables it to be adapted to the tree height or to specific tiers. In addition to climatic sensors for temperature, pressure, wind and radiation, as an option it can be equipped with hydrological sensors. In shaded woodland areas a rechargeable battery also enables a power supply that is independent of the mains. The data from all sensors are recorded by a data logger.



  • can be adapted to the vegetation height



Technical Specifications

Precipitation sensor:200 cm³ (WMO standard)
Resolution 0,1 mm
Solar radiation sensor0 ... 1400 W/m²
Spectral range 0,3 ... 60 µm
Wind speed transmitter:0 ... 75 m/s
Air humidity sensor:0 ... 100% relative humidit +/-4%
PT 100 temperature sensor:-30 ... +70 °C
Resolution 0,1 °C



Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  175100 Forest climate measurement station