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DB20 manual band dendrometer

Manual band dendrometers are frequently deployed in commercial forestry and research. They are an extremely reliable and inexpensive method of precisely measuring and monitoring tree growth rates. The tree growth rate already makes it possible to gain sufficient insight into many issues, such as those in the area of commercial forestry. In addition to this, tree growth rates can also be combined with sap flow data to correlate the respective water use or water consumption with the growth rate.
The DB20 band dendrometer consists of a fixed and a sliding scale which is held in position by a spring. By cutting the band, the DB20 band dendrometer can be individually adapted to the respective tree circumference, and is then held in place by spring tension. The tree growth in the form of increased diameter can be read off the sliding scale manually in 0.1 mm steps.



  • Inexpensive
  • No upper limit to the stem diameter
  • Can be reused with new band
  • Precise scale due to laser printing





Technical Specifications

Measurement range of trunk diameter:8 … ∞ cm
Resolution:0,1 mm
Width of the band coil:12 mm
Tensioning force:5 … 15 N



Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  170072 DB20 manual band dendrometer
Art.-Nr.:  170022 Dendrometer stainless steel band



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