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DC1 circumference dendrometer

The DC1 circumference dendrometer is a simple, inexpensive version for measuring the changes in the circumference of trees. The sensor measures the tensile force of a metal wire which runs tightly around the trunk. Slide rings reduce the friction between the wire and tree bark and reduce the pressure on the measurement point. This means that every change in the trunk circumference is transmitted via the wire as tension to the pressure sensor. These measurement systems operate without damaging the plants, are inexpensive, easy to install and suitable for a large range of diameters. It is generally not possible to compare values from trees with different trunk diameters, however, because the pressure of the cable on the tree depends on the tree size due to the tangential tensile force. A considerable advantage of the circumference dendrometers is that they directly determine the tree circumference. The DC1 is supplied with a 2 m cable and 1 m wire cable, but can also be supplied with special lengths of cable and wire on customer request. Data are recorded using an external data logger. The measurement instrument can also be connected to existing loggers at existing measurement stations.


  • Readings correspond directly to the circumference
  • Stable fastening offers resistance to wind, snow, falling branches and fruit
  • Simple installation


Technical Specifications

Measurement range of stem diameter:5 … 30  cm
Resolution:Infinitely small
Sensor measurement range:11 mm
Accuracy:±2 µm (with 12 bit logger)



Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  170015 DC1 circumference dendrometer



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