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DRL26 logging band dendrometer

The water balance of an entire tree can now be examined more easily and more accurately. The logging band dendrometer has its own, internal data logger. The integrated lithium battery means that no external batteries or solar cells are required as energy supply for the logger. As a result the dendrometer can be fixed to a tree without any other accessories.
This individualised measurement enables the most diverse range of trees in a large study area to be sampled because there is no need for connection to a central logger. This makes it easier to conduct studies with large spatial distribution, e.g. different growth or age structures.
The DRL26 dendrometer is a very reliable and inexpensive method of precisely measuring and monitoring tree growth rates.
In addition to the long-term growth, the recording of changes in the stem diameter with a resolution of 0.001 mm permits observation of everyday fluctuations in the trunk tissue that are a reaction to short-term (micro) climatic changes (e.g. daily variations). The data on daily trunk tissue fluctuation can be combined with sap flow data on the same tree to improve correlation between water consumption and understanding about the functional hydrology of the tree and/or specific treatment measures.
The DRL26 is a non-invasive measurement system with a rotary position sensor for infinitely variable measurement of the trunk diameter and the growth of the tree studied. The memory card installed in the data logger has capacity for 50,000 readings. This means data storage of over four years with storage at hourly intervals. In this case the internal lithium battery provides an energy supply for five years. The logger has an environmentally friendly seal, and communication takes place via an infrared interface. A sophisticated MS Windows-based software package facilitates configuration of the logger and detailed statistical data analysis.


  • Autonomous individual measurement instrument, no central logger is required
  • Continuous data series
  • No upper limit for the stem diameter


Technical Specifications

Measurement range of stem diameter:  8 … ∞ cm
Resolution:Infinitely variable
Width of the band coil:12 mm
Tensioning force:15 … 20 N



Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  170073 DRL26 logging band dendrometer
Art.-Nr.:  205018 Infrared cable to read out data
Art.-Nr.:  170022 Dendrometer stainless steel band



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