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DF fruit dendrometer

The fruit dendrometer is a special version of dendrometer for measuring round objects. It records changes in diameter for total diameters of up to 11 cm without damaging the fruit. Measurement frames adapted to other fruit sizes can also be produced on request. With the patented fastening method the measured object is fastened securely in the measurement frame without this affecting growth. The low amount of pressure on the measurement point does not impair growth of the fruit. The DF is only unsuitable for very soft fruit such as ripe tomatoes.
The DF is supplied with 2 m of cable as standard for connecting to the data acquisition with an external logger.
Different cable lengths are available on customer request.



  • The fruit does not support the weight of the dendrometer
  • Minimum strain on the measured object
  • Little pressure on the measurement point
  • Ordering according to fruit size



Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Measurement range of fruit Ø:0 … 11  cm
Resolution:Infinitely small
Sensor measurement range:15 mm
Accuracy:±2 µm (with 12 bit logger)



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