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DV vertical dendrometer

The vertical dendrometer was developed to continuously determine the vertical changes (not growth) in trees. Since the trunk length varies according to water status, wind conditions and bending, the vertical change is a useful variable when evaluating the water status, mechanical strain/stability and growth direction. As a rule the parallel measurement from 3 sides using 3 vertical dendrometers is required to be able to record the various causes separately.
The DV is supplied with 2 m of cable and 1 m of special wire to measure a 1 m trunk section. Customised cable and wire lengths can be produced on request. An external data logger is required to record the data. The DV can also be connected to existing loggers at existing measurement stations.



  • Information about the vertical changes in the test tree
  • Stable fastening offers resistance to wind, snow, falling branches and fruit



Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Suitable for stem diameter:8 … ∞ cm
Resolution:Infinitely small
Accuracy:±2 µm (with 12 bit logger)



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