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The DUALEX SCIENTIFIC+ is a leafclip used to measure the absolute value of the chlorophyll content in µg/cm², the index of flavonol for water stress, the nitrogen status of any crop. The anthocyanin index for temperature stress is in option. All the measurements are real time and non-destructive.
This optical sensor as an internal GPS to do mapping or localization of the plot. It is possible to have 3 levels of classification. After a measurement series, the sensor automatically displays the average value and the standard deviation of the group. Precision is ±5%. Sampling area is 5 mm diameter. The system can store more than 10,000 multiparametric data.





      • Small and light
      • Non-destructive measurements
      • Real-time measurements
      • Multiparametric fast measurements
      • High-sensitivity detection thanks to the fluorescence technology




      Technical Specifications

      Technical Specifications

      Measurement area:5 mm in diameter
      Sample thickness:max. 1 mm
      Storage capacity:10,000 multiparametric measurements
      Dimensions:205 mm x 65 mm x 55 mm
      Weight:220 g (with battery)



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