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LINPAR - Linear PAR Sensor

For determining PAR in plants

The LINPAR was developed to measure the photosynthetic ac-tive radiation (PAR) in plants.  The 33 radiation sensors are mounted in a 1-metre long anodised “U” section tube and covered with a 3 mm thick diffuser.
With the Linear PAR sensor, an integrated analysis can be conducted over 850 mm, whereby no sensors at are present at the ends of the section tube (70 mm from the start and 50 mm from the end to allow for fastening among other things).  An integrated spirit level helps level the sensor in the terrain.
For complete monitoring solutions, the LINPAR can be combi-ned with the SFM-1 Sap Flow Meter, PSY-1 psychrometer and DRL26 dendrometer.



  • Integrated value of 33 sensors
  • Ideal for use in plant canopies


It is ideally suited to be connected to the Light Sensor Meter (LSM). One LSM can support up to 10 LINPAR sensors for complete canopy light characterisation.
Variables calculated include PAR, leaf area index, sunflecks and canopy extinction coefficient.



Technical Specifications

MaterialAnodised aluminium, acrylic, IP65
Cable5 m shielded 2-wire polyethylene cable 18 x 0.1 mm
Sensors33 GaAsP photodiodes (350 - 680 nm), Peak at 640 nm
Sensitivity1 mV/10 µmol / m2 / s
Temperature rangeAccuracy ± 0.15% °C at measurement peak, of 0 – 50 °C
Linearity1% from 0 - 2000 µmol / m2 / s
Uniformity of the sensor surface Better than 2% over 0.85 measurement length
Reaction time2µs. 10 - 90%
OutputV version (Voltage Version): 200mV / 2,000 µmol / m2 / s               
A version (Current Version): ~1.8 µA / 2,000 µmol / m2 / s
Operating temperature range-20 ° C - +50 °C
Size1.2 cm x 1.5 cm x 1m




Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  177000 Linear PAR Sensor



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