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Mobile roof construction beneath the treetops

This individually adapted, mobile roof construction which is either manual or automatically controlled by rain sensors has been designed for targeted irrigation scenarios (e.g. drought stress trials) in forests, also where there is fully grown vegetation. The trunks of the respective “covered” trees are integrated in the roof structure;  the stemflow is collected using elastomer collars (see also UGT stemflow meter) and conveyed away on the roof. The rain-water obtained in this way can be collected and examined or used for targeted spray irrigation.
Depending on the respective vegetation situation, 80-90 % of the entire roof surface made from special transparent UV-resistant film across piping rails can be constructed so that it can be moved. The remaining 10-20 % is permanently closed. The special construction, which can be compared to a “pagoda roof”, enables a vertical and horizontal exchange of air even when closed. As a result the micro climate of the crops is only slightly disturbed and problems caused by “stagnant air” such as mould are avoided. The entire roof construction has a modular structure and can be extended almost indefinitely from a minimum size of 2 m².
The materials used are aluminium, PE foil and stainless steel, as well as small quantities of diverse plastics and galvanised components. In order to be able to completely rule out the entry of zinc into the soil, special solutions without galvanised components can be offered on request. The roof construction can be expanded by a camera system for monitoring of the sample area.


  • 80-90% of the roof surface can be opened or closed as necessary
  • Targeted control of the water entering the sample area
  • Minimal influencing of other factors in the microclimate


Technical Specifications

Roof surface:2 … ∞ m²
Roof film material:PE film, UV permeable
Frame material:Aluminium/stainless steel



Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  174000 Mobile roof construction beneath the treetops



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