Measure the Whole Range!


The Rainmaker is a flexible overhead irrigation system for use in the field, which has been devel-oped in collaboration with the soil and water protection working group at the technical university TU  Bergakademie Freiberg.  Using this system, precipitation events of varying intensity can be simulated over areas of 1 m² to 3 m². Enclosing the measuring station using the corresponding stainless steel frame enables the surface runoff and eroded soil material to be captured.
The system has a modular design, made from an adjustable base frame and individual sprinkler heads.  Each sprinkler head covers a test area of 1 m².  For larger test areas, up to 3 sprinkler heads can be combined into one overall system for a maximum measurement area of 3 m².  The enclosed size of the measuring station can be adapted accordingly.  Swivel nozzles in the sprinkler heads distribute water from a tank evenly onto the test plot.  The height of the sprinkler heads can also be adjusted on the frame.  This makes it possible to change how far the water falls and also facilitates use in uneven or sloped terrain, because the sprinkler heads can always be aligned horizontally.  The telescope function of the legs of the frame enables a fast and simple rough adjustment, which is then the basis for the precise alignment of the system.  The accurate, fine alignment of the sprinkler heads can be achieved using the spindle drive on each of the legs.
The system can be completely dismantled for transport, thereby enabling it to be used at different  measuring sites. The support frame and mountings of the sprinkler heads are manufactured from anodised aluminium for minimum weight and high robustness.  The hoses can be disconnected and connected using quick connectors.  All cables have separable connections using couplers with protection class IP65.
Tarpaulins can optionally be mounted on the device support to prevent the influence of wind.
The entire peripheral equipment of the irrigation system can be freely selected. For example, existing pumps and water tanks can be used.  However it is important to ensure that both the pump performance and the volume of the water tank are consistent with the idented irrigation intensity. Pumps and water tanks can also be ordered from UGT GmbH as required. In this case, the pump and water tank are selected so that they produce a complete and integrated system with the specified intensity.
The swivel speed and the dwell time of the nozzles can be adjusted at the terminal point via a control unit with LCD display in order to regulate the simulated precipitation intensity. For independent operation, the energy supply to the control unit is by means of a storage battery.



  • Flexible
  • Transportable
  • Adjustable precipitation intensity
  • Even irrigation due to moving nozzles


Technical Specifications


Approx. 1m x 3m x 2.5m (depending on height adjustment and number of modules)

Weight:Approx. 200 kg (with 3 sprinklerheads)
Material:Anodised aluminium
Intensity:Dependent on pump



Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  178000
Flexible overhead irrigation system for use in the field
Standard measures 1 m² to 3 m²
(enclosure can be customized on reguest)



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