Sap flow and water potential

The water balance of an ecosystem is largely influenced by the water balance of the corresponding plants, while in turn this plant water balance is influenced by the ecosystem itself. An understanding of these interaction processes therefore forms the basis for water balance examinations and for studies of plant physiology.

Sensors measuring sap flow record the transportation of water in stems or branches. The aim of today’s technology is to cause as little damage to the plant as possible and ideally none at all and to influence the transportation process as little as possible. The water potential of the plants can be determined both on woody parts and on leaf samples using psychrometers.

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Stem psychrometer

Stem psychrometers are used to record the plant water potential of living plants without damaging them.

PPE - Plant Pressure Ecotron

An experimental system to measure plant transpiration rates and the water potential of intact plants at the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum

Field plant water status console

The field plant water status console is an analog system used to determine plant water potential up to 40 bar.

PSY1 Leaf Psychrometer

The leaf psychrometer follows the same principle of measurement as the stem psychrometer, however the body of the chamber is reduced to accommodate smaller and thinner leaf areas in several plant species.

HFD sap flow sensor

The Heat Field Deformation (HFD) technology is ideal for measuring radial sap flow profiles.

SFM-1 sap flow sensor

It is possible using this method to determine sap flows in trunks, stalks and roots of various types and sizes of plants under different ecological conditions, right through to drought.

SFT Software

Special software to optimise data evaluation is available as an optional extra.

SF sap flow sensor

This sensor for the continuous measurement of the water absorption of trees operates according to the Granier principle.

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