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Sedimentation Box

Three-Chamber Sedimentation Box for determining suspended sediment loads

The Sedimentation Box is used to collect the sediment load of flowing water (active and passive). It was developed for integrative sampling of natural waters and is particularly suitable for environmental examination (or monitoring) over longer periods of time. Furthermore, it can be used to control water quality or monitor technical processes in public water systems, e.g. in sewage treatment plants or pumping stations.

The construction of the device as a three-chamber system allows very light and small suspended matter, including microplastics (<1 g/cm³ and >1 g/cm³) to be separated from flowing waters or industrial processes. Standing waters can be sampled with the help of an external pump.
The use of one device in different aquatic systems enables comparability of suspended sediment loads. The Three-Chamber Sedimentation Box thus closes a methodological gap for the systematic determination of the transport and fate of suspended matter in different types of freshwater bodies.

The deposition rates have been validated within the framework of the BMBF's RUSEKU project.
Standard model recommended by the UBA.


  • reliable qualitative and (if the flow rate is known) quantitative recording: low tolerances of the internal dimensions, shape stability, no flow-relevant parts inside, publications on deposition rates are available
  • in contrast to random sampling, impact loads can be recorded
  • Universally applicable: flexible due to various attachments, allows active as well as passive use in the field and laboratory, active flow through by means of external pump, integrative observation over long periods possible with passive use
  • robust and contamination-free construction made of stainless steel
  • high-quality welding technology, thus pressure-tight
  • easy sampling
  • cost-saving and efficient option for measuring water quality


  • water management
  • Cities and municipalities
  • Agriculture
  • Industry
  • Freshwater as a natural resource


Technical Specifications

HxWxD internal dimensions165 x 400 x 300 mm
HxWxD external dimensions208 x 450 x 350 mm
Inlet and outlet inner diameter22 mm
Materialstainless steel V2A, surface electropolished
Material thickness2 mm
Weight (empty/filled)16,5 / approx. 37 kg
Operating conditions 
Max. Flow volume5 l/min
Optimum flow volume2-2,5 l/min
Optional accessories 
Inlet adapter100 mm or customized lengths possible
End caps for removal 


Ordering Details:

  Article no. 
1980650Three-Chamber Sedimentation Box, medium400 x 300 x 165 mm
1980600Three-Chamber Sedimentation Box, large600 x 450 x 200 mm
On request



Accessories:expandable tubes, sealing caps
Various adapters for integration into systems



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