Flow measurement

Reliable detection of inflow or outflow of water is essential for the analysis of the water balance of natural (e.g.. scmall catchments) or technical (e.g., landfill) systems.

The UGT GmbH offers various measuring systems for various applications, ranging from lysimters, landfills, wastewater treatment plants, streams, and other open channels as well as closed pipe systems.

Over the years, various flow measurement methods have been developed for the different application areas. The selection of the measuring method is dependent not only on the technical possibilities of the local site conditions but also on factors such as the expected maximum flow rate.


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Polycarbonate tipping counters

These polycarbonate tipping counters with a tipping tray volume of 0.1 l are particularly suitable for determining small flow rates and can be used up to a maximum discharge of 5 l/min.

V2A tipping counters

The tipping counter made of V2A steel are very robust and inert against water of different origins and composition.


H-type flumes were developed to determine widely fluctuating flow rates in open channels, from very low to extremely high volumes.

RBC flumes

The RBC flume has been developed especially for use in smaller stream. The standard range includes  measuring ranges from 0.1-8.7 l / s to 2.0-145 l / s.

Flow rate measurement system with data logger

A compact, easy to handle device for flow rate determination in hoses, such as for pump tests in groundwater.

KATflow 210

The KATflow 210 has been specially designed for applications in the water industry where water-resistant and hard-wearing flowmeters are required.

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