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Polycarbonate tipping counters

These polycarbonate tipping counters with a tipping tray volume of 0.1 l are particularly suitable for determining small flow rates and can be used up to a maximum discharge of 5 l/min. They offer an inexpensive alternative to the V2A tipping counters but are equally weather-resistant. In addition, unlike V2A tipping counters, they are food safe, and can therefore also be deployed in drinking water. A 1% sample of the volume can be filled into the 250 ml PE collecting flask per tipping. The number of tipping actions is recorded by a REED sensor which can be connected to a data logger. In the case of individual devices a 1-channel data logger (e.g.  Easy-log) is advisable. On request the polycarbonate tipping counters can be supplied with wall bracket or base support.



  • inexpensive
  • light
  • food safe


Technical Specifications

Flow:max. 5 l/min
Volume of tipping tray:0,1 l
Measurement accuracy:± 1 g set to 100 g



Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  191100               0.1 l with sampling



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