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RBC flumes

The RBC flume has been developed especially for use in smaller streams (irrigation canals, inlets and drains, trenches, etc.). It is a simple and reliable instrument for measuring the amount of water for irrigation flowing into a field. The standard range includes measuring channels with different measuring ranges, ranging from 0.1-8.7 l / s to 2.0-145 l / s.

Larger measuring ranges can also be provided on request. In order to obtain accurate measuring results, it is essential that the measuring channel is set up in such a way that it is exactly horizontal and that the water can flow out of the measuring channel without hindrance on the measuring channel. The value of the water rise can be read in the measuring instrument (measuring cylinder) at the end of the measuring channel. The flow rate (the flow rate) is calculated using standard formulas.

Instead of reading the measuring cylinder, you can also install a pressure sensor and connect it to a data logger.
This allows measurement (or activation), storage and readout to be carried out automatically. In an automatic flume the threshold of the water level is recorded with a very precise pressure sensor which is connected to a data logger.


Technical Specifications


 Flow rate range
V 1240 mm510 mm700 mm0,1 ...  8,7 l/s
V 2480 mm1010 mm1490 mm0,9 ...  49 l/s
V 3600 mm1260 mm1750 mm1,6 ...  86 l/s
V 4700 mm1500 mm2100 mm2,0 ... 145 l/s



Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  197000 V1
Art.-Nr.:  197010 V2
Art.-Nr.:  197020 V3
Art.-Nr.:  197030 V4
Art.-Nr.:  195110Capacitive pressure transmitter for level measurement



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