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About stable isotopes of water and CRDS

The analysis of the stable isotopes δ18O, δ17O and δD of the water molecule has established itself as an important tracer technology in many scientific disciplines: In hydrogeology, they help to quantify and qualify various components in the water cycle of groundwater recharge, substance inputs, interaction of surface and groundwater or evaporation processes. In ecohydrology, they are used to better understand the water and material cycles in plants and landscapes. For palaeoclimatologists, the stable oxygen isotopes in ice cores or sediment deposits on the sea floor provide "temperature proxies" and geochemical fingerprints for characterising climatic events or ocean circulations of long ago. Water isotope analysers are also used on various research vessels by limnologists and oceanologists worldwide.

In addition to science, the food industry has also discovered stable isotopes, for example for testing wine or fruit juices.

The water isotope analysers from our partner Picarro are particularly well suited to this wide range of applications in the laboratory and in the field. The CRDS laser technology (Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy), which is shielded from environmental influences, offers the highest precision with minimal drift, coupled with field suitability and a variety of peripheral devices for sample collection and preparation. Together we will find the optimal solution for your research project!




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