Measure the Whole Range!

Level TROLL® 400 / 500 / 700

The Level TROLL series comprises 3 powerful level loggers for pressure and temperature measurement. With extended measuring modes, particularly slim design (< 1 inch) and titanium probe body and pressure sensor, they are specially designed for measurements in groundwater - even under extreme conditions and up to 700 m water column. However, log frequencies up to 4 Hz and the high precision also make them ideal for demanding measurement series in surface water or industrial plants.
In addition to the Twist-Lock cable connection, all Level Trolls have a BT interface and are telemetry-capable with the new In-Situ VuLink.

Level TROLL® 400

  • Absolute pressure sensor (unvented), up to 341 m water column
  • Recording modes: linear, linear/fast, event
  • 2 MB memory (120 000 readings), 2 Hz log frequency

Level TROLL® 500

  • Relative pressure sensor (vented), up to 351 m water column
  • Recording modes: linear, linear/fast, event
  • 2 MB memory (120 000 readings), 2 Hz log frequency

Level TROLL® 700

  • Optimal for characterising aquifers
  • Available with relative or absolute pressure sensor, up to 693 m water column
  • Recording modes: linear, linear/fast, linear average, event, linear/step, full logarithmic
  • 4 MB memory (250 000 readings), 4 Hz log frequency

Level Baro TROLL®

  • Same dimensions, also with titanium pressure sensor
  • 1 MB memory (60 000 readings), log frequency per minute


  • Extra robust probe body and sensor made of titanium
  • Extra slim design, extended measuring and log modes
  • BT interface, telemetry capable with the new VuLink

Technical Specifications

Operating temperature:-20 to 80 °C (-4 to 176 °F)
Dimensions:2.08 (OD) x 22.9 cm (Level TROLL 400)
1.83 (OD) x 21.6 cm (Level TROLL 500, 700)
Weight:245 g (Level TROLL 400);
197 g (Level TROLL 500, 700)
Accuracy pressure: ±0.1% full scale
Accuracy temperature:±0.1 °C
Output options: open communication protocols including, Modbus/RS485, SDI-12, and 4-20 mA
Power:Internal battery or line power / solar panel


Ordering Details:

Order No. Device 
5050001 - 5050012Level TROLL 700unvented, pressure ranges: 11m / 60m / 200m / 341m
5050014 - 5050019Level TROLL 500vented, pressure ranges: 3.5m / 11m / 21m / 70m / 210m / 351m
5050020 - 5050023Level TROLL 400vented / unvented, pressure ranges up to 693
5050025Level Baro TROLLAir pressure recording for barometric compensation
5050238Wireless TROLL Comreadout device with Bluetooth and USB (incl. baro and temperature sensor, battery supply)
5050152VuLinkTelemetry Unit
5050149App /Win-Situ Software all-in-one software package for automatic configuration, simplified calibration, targeted data analysis and automatic reporting (free)
5050075Rugged Android tabletfor field use
on requestAdditional accessoriesWell caps and inserts, cable options/wire suspension

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