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Level TROLL® 400 / 500 / 700

The Level TROLL series offers three adapted level meters to suit your application. They are available with vented and non-vented pressure sensors for water levels up to 351 m. The body is especially rugged and narrow enough to fit in observation wells with a diameter as narrow as 2 cm. Win-Situ®5 and Win-Situ® Mobile Software can be used for simple data collection and management.


Level TROLL® 400

  • Suitable for fresh water and industrial monitoring
  • Absolute instrument
  • Linear, fast linear, and event logging modes
  • Titanium probe and sensor


Level TROLL® 500

  • Ideal for groundwater and surface-water monitoring
  • Gauged and absolute instruments
  • Linear, fast linear, and event logging modes
  • Durable titanium probe and sensor


Level TROLL® 700

  • Optimized for aquifer characterization
  • Gauged (vented) and absolute (non-vented) instruments
  • Linear, fast linear, linear average, event, step linear, and true logarithmic logging modes
  • Rugged titanium probe and sensor




  • Rugged body
  • Narrow design



Technical Specifications

Operating temperature:-20 to 80 °C (-4 to 176 °F)
Dimensions:2.08 (OD) x 22.9 cm (Level TROLL 400)
1.83 (OD) x 21.6 cm (Level TROLL 500, 700)
Weight:245 g (Level TROLL 400);
197 g (Level TROLL 500, 700)
Accuracy pressure: ±0.1% full scale
Accuracy temperature:±0.1 °C
Output options: open communication protocols including, Modbus/RS485, SDI-12, and 4-20 mA
Power:Internal battery or line power / solar panel



Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  195520 Level TROLL® 400
Art.-Nr.:  195521Level TROLL® 500
Art.-Nr.:  195522Level TROLL® 700




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