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Rugged TROLL® 100 / 200

Titanium Rugged TROLL 100 and 200 instruments offer durability and affordability. These instruments are designed for long- and short-term groundwater and surface-water monitoring. They record changes in water level, pressure and temperature. For programming and downloading data the instrument can be connected to a docking station or a Rugged TROLL ComDevice, which connects either to a PC or Rugged Reader Handheld PC. The data logs can be customized switching between linear, fast linear and event mode. Remote data transmission is very simple with the new telemetry unit VuLink from In-Situ.



  • Simplified setup and data retrieval
  • Useable in harsh environments


Technical Specifications

Operating temperature:0 to 50 °C (32 to 122 °F)
Dimensions:2.62 (OD) x 14.43 cm
Cable:Standard and custom lengths available
Power: Internal battery
(Lifetime 10 years or 2M readings)


Ordering Details:

Order No. Device 
5050058 - 5050060Rugged TROLL 100level logger with measuring ranges between 0 - 9 m, 0 - 30 m, 0 - 76 m water column
5050027 - 5050029Rugged TROLL 200rugged level logger with measuring ranges between 0 - 9 m, 0 - 30 m, 0 - 76 m water column
5050055Wireless Rugged TROLL Comreadout device with Bluetooth and USB (incl. baro and temperature sensor, battery supply)
5050057Docking Stationwith USB Cable
5050152VuLinkTelemetry Unit
5050149App /Win-Situ Software all-in-one software package for automatic configuration, simplified calibration, targeted data analysis and automatic reporting (free)
5050075Rugged Android tabletfor field use
on requestAdditional accessoriesWell caps and inserts, cable options/wire suspension

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