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Aqua TROLL® 100 / 200 Instrument

The Aqua TROLL 100 is designed to monitor and log conductivity, temperature and the Aqua TROLL 200 additional water level in harsh environments. The instrument can also calculate and record the derived parameters specific and actual conductivity, salinity, total dissolved solids, water density and resistivity. The titanium housing safeguards against corrosion. The standard logging modes include linear, linear average and event testing with logging rates as fast as 1/s. Because of the long-life cycle this product is especially suitable for long time monitoring in Aquifers, Wetlands, remediation projects or mine water management but can also be used for short-term measurements such as tracer studies. Hence to the dynamic density compensation the system delivers superior water level accuracy also in environments where salinity values vary due to mixing, rainfall or tides.



  • Titanium housing
  • Dynamic density compensation

Technical Specifications

Dimensions:1.83 (OD) x 31.5 cm
Weight:500 g
Accuracy conductivity:< 80,000 ±0,5% of reading  
> 80,000 ±1% of reading
Accuracy temperature: ±0,1°C
Accuracy pressure:±0,1% full scale
Output options: open communication protocols including, Modbus/RS485, SDI-12, and 4-20 mA
Power:Internal battery or line power / solar panel



Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  195532Aqua TROLL® 100
Art.-Nr.:  195530Aqua TROLL® 200
Art.-Nr.:  195531Aqua TROLL® 400




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