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MP1 submersible pump

The MP1 submersible pump has been specially designed for sampling groundwater monitoring sites with a diameter of 2“ to 4“.  
The pump is operated by an adjustable frequency inverter.
This provides a continuously adjustable delivery rate between 0 and 2.5 m³/h.
Pump and motor make up a complete unit which can be easily dismantled for cleaning or maintenance purposes. All components of the pump are made from materials that do not give off any foreign substances to the pumped medium. This means there can be no influencing or distortion of water samples.
The motor is a liquid filled, canned submersible motor with power supply via a Teflon cable. The cable can be changed, and is available in various lengths.



      • Compact design
      • Easy cleaning and maintenance
      • Fits in any measuring gauge from 2“


      Technical Specifications

      Delivery rate:Up to 2.5 m3/h
      Delivery height:Up to 98 m
      Media/water temperature:0 °C to +35 °C
      Immersion depth:max. 90 m
      Voltage:3 x 220 V, 400 Hz
      Connection thread:Rp 3/4
      Net weight:2.5 kg



      Ordering Details:

      Art.-Nr.:  194600MP1 submersible pump



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