The Groundwater-Shuttle permits the removal of groundwater samples from an undistorted area of groundwater.

Sedimentation trap

The sedimentation trap is a plate trap that is used to measure the sedimentation of fine organic and inorganic particles found on the beds of bodies of water.

Aqua-Check 2

The Aqua-Check 2 is a highly sensitive and portable photometer, built for the precise determination of substances and there  concentration in water.

Picarro L2140-i Analyzer

Simultaneous measurement of oxygen and hydrogen isotopy.

WaSP 12V Submersible Pumps

These simple to use 12V submersible pumps provide the flow rates and control needed to purge and sample groundwater from boreholes at depths of up to 30 metres.

MP1 submersible pump

The MP1 submersible pump has been specially designed for sampling groundwater monitoring sites with a diameter of 2“ to 4“.

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