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DE 10 2004 041 334 B3
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GFI Grundwasserforschungsinstitut GmbH Dresden

The Groundwater-Shuttle permits the removal of groundwater samples from an undistorted area of groundwater. Distortions even arise in regularly developed measurement points due to vertical currents in the water column (through unavoidable vertical differences in pressure, temperature and/or substance concentration). The associated substance transportation has effects on the geochemical composition of the sampled water and/or the correct assignment of the sample to the depth. It is not possible to obtain a representative groundwater sample reliably using classic methods where there are vertical currents. The Groundwater-Shuttle prevents vertical currents and the associated danger of substance transportation, thereby permitting long-term undistorted sampling. The system can easily be retrofitted in existing, regularly developed groundwater measurement points and can also be dismantled again without causing damage. Unlike special measurement points and installations which are associated with considerable costs and which usually only allow sampling of a restricted depth range with removal of small sample quantities.



  • Taking undistorted groundwater samples under in situ pressure
  • Simple retrofitting in existing measurement points
  • Large sample quantity
  • Protection of the aquifer
  • Where applicable non-destructive, fast dismantling


The system comprises two parts:

  • Groundwater station (GW station) to separate the groundwater area from the affected stagnant water
  • Groundwater shuttle (GW shuttle) for isobar sampling under in situ pressure




Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Sample volume: 1000 ml
Groundwater station material:PVC
Groundwater shuttle material:V2A steel
Sampling bag material:PA/PE 5-layer film



Order Numbers + Accessories


Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  1985002 m long, cable length up to 100 m
Art.-Nr.:  198510With Bluetooth, cable drum, cable length up to 100 m



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Exemplary Applications


The system shown was developed at the DGFZ Dresdner Grundwasserforschungszentrum e.V. (Dresden Groundwater Research Centre) as part of an R&D project in cooperation with UGT Müncheberg GmbH.
The development has been supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology following a decision by the German Bundestag under FKZ IW072066 and MF090094.





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