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Lysimeter basements from concrete

There are a variety of materials to house the lysimeters for the installation of a station. Firstly, it
is possible to build lysimeter basements from solid concrete which are usually the choice for large

But the construction of concrete shafts is also possible for individual lysimeters. These are then composed of individual concrete rings.

PE-HD container stations

A good alternative here is hermetically sealed PE-HD container stations which have many advantages over the concrete structure. They are absolutely water proof and gas tight. PE-HD is also not only distinctly lighter but also more stable than concrete which considerably simplifies the transportation and installation.
Unlike concrete, the plastic can also be used in contaminated and aggressive media. Contrary to the lysimeter shafts from concrete rings, the basement integrated in the PE-HD stations permits simple access to the lysimeters and therefore unproblematical and comprehensive maintenance.
In special cases, the possibility exists to integrate metal housing (usually stainless steel).

Other types of lysimeter stations

Lysimeters are available in different specially adjusted versions depending on the different tasks.
We offer weighable and nonweighable lysimeters, Forest lysimeters which can also be used with tree stock, Groundwater lysimeters in which the water level can be controlled according to real conditions or scenarios, Hillside lysimeters adapted to the inclination of the ground, Moor lysimeters for use in peatland and Laboratory lysimeters for column experiments in different dimensions.
The efficacy of green roofs and railway lines has recently assumed greater importance for ecological
urban planning. UGT has also developed special Roof lysimeters and Urban track lysimeters for these experiments.




Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  184101

PE-HD Single station*

Art.-Nr.:  184210 PE-HD Double station*
Art.-Nr.:  184300 PE-HD Quadruple station*

Customised height and diameter on request!
Instrumentation according to customer wishes / Project requirements!


* Standard stations: Height: 2 m, area: 1 m2



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