Radiation sensors

The temperature of the surface of the earth as well as fundamental life processes of plants are determined by the radiation balance. This describes the overall effect of radiation, taking absorption and reflection as well as re-emission and diffusion into consideration.

Depending on their design, radiation sensors can record the radiant flux density of specific irradiance parts or of all irradiance.

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CMP 3 pyranometer

This transmitter is used to measure solar irradiance.

Net radiation transmitter

The net radiation transmitter consists of two completely identical thermopiles connected against each other which measure the solar and reflex radiation.

NR Lite silicon net radiometer

The instrument is used to measure net radiation, the balance between total radiation from above and the total radiation from below.

CNR4 net radiometer

The CNR4 consists of two pyranometers and two pyrgeometers whereby one instrument faces upwards and the other faces downwards.

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