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CNR 4 net radiometer

The CNR 4 consists of two pyranometers and two pyrgeometers whereby one instrument faces upwards and the other faces downwards. Together they all measure the energy balance between short wave and long wave (far infrared) radiation as well as the Albedo. The CNR 4 is the successor to the familiar CNR 1, and has considerably improved properties. The CNR 4 is extremely light and equipped with an integrated sunshield to reduce the impact of thermal effects on the measurement. The meniscus-shaped dome of the upper pyrgeometer ensures a significantly better measurement of long wave radiation. The optional CNF 4 ventilation unit is unique and very efficient in preventing dirt, moisture, dew and frost accumulating on the sensors.



  • Records the total net energy between short and long wave radiation in one instrument
  • Optional ventilation unit provides protection from influencing factors



Technical Specifications

Signal outputs:

- incoming and reflected short wave radiation
- downward and upward facing long wave radiation

Sensitivity:7 … 20 µV/ W/m² short wave
5 … 10 µV/ W/m² long wave
Spectral range:300 … 800 nm short wave
4,5 … 42  µm long wave



Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  161090 CNR 4 net radiometer



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