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NR Lite silicon net radiometer

The instrument is used to measure net radiation, the balance between total radiation from above (solar radiation and long wave atmospheric counter-radiation) and the total radiation from below (short wave reflection radiation and the long wave ground radiation). The radiation values are recorded using thermopiles connected against each other. The output signal is proportional to the net radiation and can be interpreted as the radiation energy that is absorbed from the earth’s surface.
The NR Lite is characterised in particular by its compact and light design which, with its 40 cm long support arm, makes it very suitable as portable measurement instrument.



  • Compact and light design
  • Large spectral range
  • Can also be used as portable measurement instrument




Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Measurement range: -200 … +1500 W/m²
Sensitivity:10 µV/ W/m²
Spectral range:0,2 … 100 µm



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