Rain Gauges

Rain gauges record the rain that has fallen over a specific period of time. These values are the basis for every examination of water balance and are used in meteorology for weather forecasting.

Many years of rainfall statistics can, for example, be used for crop planning in agriculture or when considering flood water.

Depending on the design, rain gauges can be used for snow as well as for rain.

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Automatic rain gauge with tipping bucket

This rain gauge with tipping bucket has a magnetic encoder with reed contact.

Rain gauge with tipping bucket

Reliable weighing tipping bucket system and good quality materials.

Precipitation sensor / ombrometer

This device is used to record readings of precipitation volume and intensity for digital transmission of these measurements.

RG 50 precipitation sensor

This precipitation sensor concerns an extremely precise rain gauge with pulse output as encoder for data collection systems and remote data transmission.

Rain gauge acc. to HELLMANN

This rain gauge acc. to HELLMANN complies with the requirements of the German Meteorological Service in accordance with the WMO standard and DIN 58666 C.

Rain and snow gauge acc. to HELLMANN

Both rain and snow can be recorded using this rain gauge.

Snow lysimeter / Snow scale

With the snow lysimeter, the water equivalent of the accumulated snow cover can be exactly determined cover by using load cells without disturbing the snow.

Snow temperature profile probe TPS

The snow-temperature profile probe is used to permanently record the temperature profile within a snow cover at up to 10 measuring points.

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