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Precipitation sensor/ombrometer

This device is used to record readings of precipitation volume and intensity for digital transmission of these measurements. The measurement principle is based on the description in the »Guide to Meteorological Instruments No. 8« from the WMO. The tipping actions of the tipping bucket are recorded by a contact and read out via the electronics as a pulse for further processing using intensity-related linearisation. This precipitation sensor is made from weather-resistant stainless steel and is also available with 49 W and reinforced 113 W housing heaters. As a result it is especially suitable for use in mountains.



  • Also suitable for very cold measurement conditions
  • Digital reading out of measurement values
  • Recording of precipitation intensity



Technical Specifications

Measurement range:0 … 11 mm/min
Resolution:0,1 mm
Collecting surface:200 cm²/WMO standard
Operating temperature:0 … +60°C unheated
-25 … +60°C heated
-35 … + 60°C with reinforced heater



Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  166140 with reed contact, unheated
Art.-Nr.:  166130 with reed contact, heated
Art.-Nr.:  166150 with analog output, unheated
Art.-Nr.:  166160 with analog output, heated
Art.-Nr.:  166170 with DL1/N data logger