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Snow lysimeter / Snow scale

With the snow lysimeter, the water equivalent of the accumulated snow cover can be exactly determined cover by using load cells without disturbing the snow. Thus in combination with SVADSS online visualization, a continuous recording of accumulation and ablation processes in the snow cover is possible. The resulting measurements can be used for flood protection management, avalanche risk assessment and water management.
The entire construction is made of stainless steel and has been designed for years of use under the toughest conditions. The pan with the standard dimensions of 15 cm in depth and a surface area of 1m² (customer-specific adaptation both in depth and in size are possible) can be installed comparable to the surface of the surrounding soil. If a permanent power supply is available or a correspondingly dimensioned solar system, the melting water can be determined by means of a (heated) tipping bucket.



      • Easy installation without special tools
      • The surrounding soil surface structure can be constructed in the measuring pan in a comparable manner, thereby reducing island effects
      • Detection of the water equivalent by means of load cells with a resolution of 10 g, equivalent to a precipitation water equivalent of 0.01 mm for the 1m² version


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