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Snow temperature profile probe TPS

The snow-temperature profile probe is used to permanently record the temperature profile within a snow cover at up to 10 measuring points. As standard, the measuring points are placed at a distance of 10 cm from each other, resulting in a total measuring length of 1 m. Customized changes in the number of measurement points and in the distances are possible. The individual measuring points, consisting of long-term stable Pt100 resistance temperature sensors, are thermally insulated from each other. As a result, mutual interference by heat conduction within the temperature profile probe is excluded.
The snow temperature profile probe is available in 2 different versions.
The „TPSup“ is installed on the ground before the first snowfall. During the snowfall and the resultant snow cover construction, the temperature profile in the growing snow cover can thus be detected from the ground, which is the lowest measurement level. The entire construction is made of stainless steel. In order to reduce the absorption of radiation, the rod is white coated, which means that a reduction of the snow cover due to thawing around the snow-temperature profile probe is limited.
The „TPSdown“ can be inserted from above into an already existing snow cover. Customized lengths are possible at any time and are aimed among other things such as the thickness of the snow cover. In order to be able to operate the probe at the same location over a longer period of time, it is equipped with a white and thermally insulated stabilizing plate (diameter 60 cm) on the surface of the snow cover. As a result, the probe is stabilized in its position and protected from radiation influence.



        • Easy installation on site, long-term stable materials
        • Temperature profile is recorded in a vertical line without offset
        • Installation in an existing snow cover is possible



        Ordering Details:

        Art.-Nr.:  110013 Snow temperature profile probe TPSup
        Art.-Nr.:  110014Snow temperature profile probe TPSdown



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