Weather Stations

Weather stations are used to record large-scale dynamic processes within the atmosphere in addition to limited spatial climates such as those for woods or cities. These processes and the resultant weather dynamics have decisive influence on the water balance of a region, on the soil, on flora and fauna and thus also on land use.

The extension of a measurement station to include meteorological sensors generally generates increased information, permitting a comprehensive picture of the hydrological, geological, biological or chemical processes. The equipment on the weather station can look very different depending on the objective of the application.

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Weather station UGT

UGT offers specially customised weather stations to meet the precise requirements of the planned use of the weather station.

Compact weather station UGT

The UGT compact weather station is an inexpensive alternative to the standard weather station.

iMETOS® pro weather station

The iMETOS® pro weather stations can be equipped with up to 80 sensors, and can therefore deal with almost all established micro meteorological challenges.

Clima Sensor 2000 WNHTF

The Clima sensor 2000 WNHTF represents a new generation of sensors. It logs the following parameters uniformly and reliably, and is compact: Wind speed, Precipitation yes/no, Brightness (east/south/west), Temperature, Humidity, Nightfall.


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