Measure the Whole Range!

Clima Sensor 2000 WNHTF

The Clima sensor 2000 WNHTF represents a new generation of sensors. It logs the following parameters uniformly and reliably, and is compact:

  • Wind speed
  • Precipitation yes/no
  • Brightness (east/south/west)
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Nightfall


The current outputs can be used to control external devices and/or record analog measurement data. The sensor perfectly combines the sensors for the most important five parameters for environmentally-related control technology (window blinds, greenhouses etc.) but thanks to standardised outputs is, however, also extremely suitable for logging environmental measurement data. The compact design permits simple, inconspicuous assembly. The sensor is supplied complete with 10 m connecting cable and a stainless steel mounting clamp for installing on walls or masts. All external parts are corrosion-resistant, made from quality plastic. The Clima Sensor 2000 WN-HTF also has a serial interface (RS 422/485), a DCF77 receiver for time and radio, as well as heating to protect against dewing. This compact sensor is also available for two, three or four of the above mentioned parameters on request.



  • One measurement instrument for five parameters
  • Compact and robust design



Technical Specifications

Weight:1,5 kg
Precipitation Measurement value signal outputYes/no
10 V / 0 V
Brightness:Measurement range nightfall 0 … 250 Lux
1 … 100 Lux
DirectionEast, south, west
Signal output3 x 0 - 10 V
Wind speed:Measurement range signal output0,5 … 40 m/s
0 - 10 V
Temperature:Measurement range signal output- 20 … 60 °C
0 - 10 V
Humidity:Measurement range signal output0 … 100 % rel. humidity
0 - 10 V



Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  162000 Clima Sensor 2000 WNHTF



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