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iMETOS® pro weather station

The iMETOS® pro weather stations can be equipped with up to 80 sensors, and can therefore deal with almost all established micro meteorological challenges.

The energy supply for the entire weather station is provided using solar panels and rechargeable batteries, so that no mains connection is required on the installation site. All data measured by your iMETOS® pro are transmitted via GPRS/GSM to the uniform “field climate” user platform with password protected access. This website offers the following options: access to weather data in the most diverse forms (tabular, graphics, various averages etc.), alert programming for SMS alerts (threshold value changes, entering a telephone number etc.) and options such as automatic M2M interface for downloading to other servers. You can change your parameters at any time, thereby adapting your requirements quickly and individually. This central internet solution requires absolutely no additional software on the part of the user, but merely an internet access with browser. It therefore has unrestricted potential for expansion. The field climate platform provides open interfaces for customised (XML EXCEL and other) solutions to configure local alert networks for cooperatives, regions, pesticide dealers etc.

These solutions are developed jointly with experts from Pessl Instruments and local partners. The equipping of the weather station with sensors also takes place in agreement  with  the  customer. When doing so the selection of sensors is not limited to purely meteorological sensors. iMETOS® pro weather stations with special soil moisture measuring station for hydrological measurement networks can also be equipped with the EnviroScan or Ech2O EC5, Ech2O HS10 und Ech2O 5TE soil moisture sensors and with tensiometers.



  • Up to 80 sensors as required for the set task
  • Compact design
  • Autonomous energy supply




Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Dimensions without sensors:54 cm x 18 cm x 18 cm
Weight without sensors:2,2 kg
Measurement interval/logging interval:adjustable from 5 mins.
RAM memory:4 MB on Board



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