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Weather station UGT

UGT offers specially customised weather stations to meet the precise requirements of the planned use of the weather station. The core element of these weather stations is the tried and tested UGT data logger DL-200. Depending on the project requirement, sensors for the following examples of parameters can be connected to these data loggers:

  • Wind direction
  • Wind speed
  • Solar radiation
  • PAR
  • Air temperature
  • Air humidity
  • Air pressure
  • Precipitation
  • Soil temperature (optionally at different depths)
  • Soil moisture (optionally at different depths)

In the following chapters on the subject of meteorology you will find a summary of the standard meteorological sensors offered by UGT. Other sensors are possible on request. Equipping weather stations for specific applications makes it possible to also record non-meteorological data such as soil moisture at the same time. The measurement data can be transferred and retrieved from the data logger using remote data transmission,  by USB cable or by feeding data into a data network. The efficient energy management of  the logger reduces the energy requirements of the weather station to a minimum. The energy supply can therefore be provided optionally using the mains current (230V / 50 Hz) with back-up battery to bridge failures in the mains current with solar panel or using rechargeable batteries. You can find detailed information on this in this catalogue in the section on “data acquisition and energy supply”. UGT uses weather station masts made from high quality V2A stain-less steel pipe for reliable installation and minimal influence on sensors. The ground socket specially developed for this (which can be tilted depending on mast length and location) and the tensioning using stainless steel cables guarantee simple installation and stability for the weather station. The masts are available in any length in line with the individual character of the UGT weather stations, but are generally 2 m long in accordance with German Meteorological Service guidelines.



  • Always precisely adapted to the project requirements
  • Comprehensive and efficient logging technology
  • Compatible with all commercially available sensors



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