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wind and baro transmitters

Wind transmitters usually consist of wind direction and wind speed sensors, whereby individual components are also available. These sensors are used to record the horizontal air movement (wind), which is the basis for meteorological observation. The wind speed is given in m / s and the wind direction in 0 -360 °. Both measured variables are decisive input parameters in the weather forecast. The wind speed is essential in almost all models of evapotranspriration. In the current discussion about alternative energy sources by means of wind turbines, the knowledge of the wind fields gains in economic importance, since it is necessary for the planning and evaluation of wind turbines.

With baro transmitters the air pressure is recorded in hecto-pascal (hPa) or millibars (mb, mbar). The air pressure corresponds to the weight of the overlying air layer and depends on the current weather conditions (variable) and the local altitude (stationary). At higher altitudes, lower air pressure prevails in relation to the sea level. Air flows with different air masses change the air pressure dynamically. Thus, the observation of the air pressure fluctuations can allow a weather forecast.


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