Field Instruments


Direct field measurements are necessary in order to characterize a specific location, taking into account real boundary conditions and heterogeneity such as those of the soil or vegetation. Key parameters in soil and soil hydrology include the (field) saturated hydraulic conductivity or the infiltration rate. The determination of the pneumatic conductivity is important for the description of the gas transport in soils. This may also be used for deriving the hydraulic conductivity.With innovative measurement techniques, It is now also possible to determine chemical parameters such as  the carbonate content, the electrical conductivity, and the pH-value easily and under real boundary conditions, which previously could only be determined in laboratory tests.


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Hood infiltrometer / IL-2700

The hood infiltrometer is used to measure the hydraulic conductivity of soils in virtually saturated areas as field tests.


The Guelph Permeameter is an easy to use instrument to quickly and accurately measure in-situ hydraulic conductivity.

Aardvark Permeameter

The Aardvark Permeameter is the very first battery-operated automated Constant Head Borehole Permeameter.

Double ring infiltrometer

The double ring infiltrometer is a simple instrument used to determine the infiltration rate of water into the soil.


The PL-300 is a field measurement instrument to determine the pneumatic conductivity of soils.

FOGII Plus Digital Soil Calcimeter™ with UMP-1

The FOGII Calcimeter provides the measurement of carbonate content.

COMBI 5000 - Multifunction device with case

Multifunction device for measuring pH + EC + activity + moisture + temperature

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