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Low Tension System

For precision readings in a range of 0 to 0.15 Bar.

The Low tension System is a 3-unit complete system approach to measurement of low tension conditions. The adjustable hanging columns mimics variable drainage and saturation conditions in the field.
For determining moisture retention levels for highly saturated soils, a hanging water column assembly is the only method for obtaining precise and accurate data. For this reason. Soil moisture Equipment Corp. offers the Low Tension System. With a hanging water column adjustable from 0-150 cm, this system offers vacuum precision of <1%. With minimal components and easy assembly/disassembly, the Low Tension System is the most simple and affordable low tension system available.



  • Easy and quick assembly/disassembly
  • High tension resolution




Basic Vacuum Extractor

For radings in the range of 0.15  to 1 Bar.

Not much is needed for moisture retention analyses of soils in the 0.15 to 1 Bar range, which covers the water availability of interest for most agricultural and agronomic applications. 

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Hanging Column Range:

5 to 150 cm

Resolution: 0.1 cm

Plate Diameter: 273 mm
Saturation Pan Diameter: 305 mm
Sand: ca. 0,04 mn
Weight:40.8 kg
All items come in a canvas bag, Shelving sold separately.



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Art.-Nr.:  142250   Low Tension Systems    
For precision readings in a range of 0 to 0.15 Bar
Art.-Nr.:  142251 Basic Vacuum Extractor   
For radings in the range of 0.15  to 1 Bar




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