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pF laboratory station

Convenient creation of pF-WG curves in the range of pF (10 hPa) to pF 2.9 (approx 750 hPa) with precisely regulated vacuum.

Tabletop instrument with integrated pump and vacuum control technology functions with a porous suction plate with hydrophilic plastic diaphragm and extremely high water conductivity in 230-V mode. This permits very rapid drainage of soil samples compared to other methods. Dry suction plates are ready for use immediately after simply moistening them and may be used in the entire vacuum area. The vacuum control is microprocessor-based using an electronic pressure sensor and integrated diaphragm pump. Limit values can be set with a resolution of 1 hPa precisely and independently of each other. The vacuum control is entirely operated using four keypad buttons. During operation both the system pressure and the upper and lower limit value are shown. The soil samples (up to 40 soil sample rings with D=53 mm) are protected against evaporation by a transparent cover plate. This pF laboratory station from EcoTech also has possibilities to connect four pF pressure step modules and/or additional pF suction plate modules via a tap bank.



  • Rapid drainage of the soil samples
  • Connection of additional pF pressurestep modules and/or pF suction plate modules possible



Technical Specifications

Active filter area: 480 x 280 mm
Bubble point:min. 1000 hPa
Vacuum control: micro processor withelectric pressure sensor
Display:3 separate displays for system pressure, upper and lower limit value
Number of soil sample rings:approx 40 with D = 53 mm
approx 30 with D = 60 mm
Connection possibilities:4 pressure step modules or suction plate modules
Vacuum buffer volume:approx 14 l
Operating voltage:230 V AC
Pump performance:120 W, 33 l min-1 against atmosphere.
Dimensions (B x H x T):760 x 580 x 605 mm



Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  144000   pF laboratory station